Hustlemania 1 (Replay Series)

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Get 16 of Jai Stone's best live stream replays for only $16. This Periscope Replay Series is packed with powerful content and training on helping you position your brand for profits. You get video downloads plus bonus reference sheets, topics include:

  1. Why Content Is Queen
  2. Using Your Story To Build Your Brand
  3. Making Livestream Lucrative
  4. Holiday Product Sells
  5. Big Trends You Need To Know About
  6. Positioning Your Brand For Success
  7. Attracting Your Ideal Clients
  8. Visual Branding Basics :Colors & Fonts (Reference Sheet Included)
  9. Hiring a Graphic Designer (Reference Sheet Included)
  10. Selling On Social Media
  11. The 3-step Funnel
  12. Planning For Profits (Reference Sheet Included)
  13. Predicting Your Annual Revenue
  14. Making Your Audience Profitable
  15. Monetize Your Social Media
  16. 22 Entrepreneurs You Should Follow The BOSS List (Reference Sheet Included)


  1. The BOSS List
  2. Color Theory Reference Sheet
  3. Quick Reference Guide For Hiring A Graphic Designer
  4. The Money Mountain Infographic